I Know Who You Are

This is the book written by my twin aunts; ‘I Know Who You Are.’ Click here to see this book in Goodreads.

‘I Know Who You Are’ presents the concept that every person has a Character Skin which guides their behaviour and inspires their conversations. If you know a person’s Character Skin, you can understand, respond and deal with them effectively.

As Sultan prepares to move with his family into their new house, he finds a mystical leather diary which brings him into contact with his grandfather, who had unexpectedly left the family five years ago. Grandfather teachers Sultan a novel way of looking at life. He unveils the secret of understanding people by introducing him yo five Character Skins; Flipside, Sticklip, Headspin, Hammerhead and Scuff, which are unique in appearance, attitude and school of thought. 

Sultan gets passionate about his interactions with Grandfather and keeps them a secret from his family. He enjoys identifying  people’s Character Skins and predicting their behaviour. What he loves most is the fact that he can say ‘I Know Who You Are!’ to anyone he meets, at very first sight.