Teachers Cannot Be Replaced By Computers

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Education technology has changed the way we think, communicate, and share knowledge across the world. Learning opportunities and access to information are unparalleled to ten years ago. Technology changes rapidly in every field and some people believe we can replace teachers with computers.

Can we replace teachers with computers?

Well, I dont think so.

A teacher can adapt to the students individually. First, they can perform a variety of services that computers don’t. They understand their students as emotional beings and a personality of their own.  A teacher is also constantly assessing the extent to which individuals in class are understanding the topic being taught. Computer technology eliminates the need for tedious printing and distribution of assignments and can ease the correction load of teachers. But the fact is that assessment is not only based on assignments but also on class discussions and project work. Again, technology comes in as an aid but can never replace the teacher in class. Computers cannot create a culture of excellence and push students to meet high expectations.

Technology is a tool, not a silver bullet. And like all tools, it can be helpful or harmful depending on how we use them. A good teacher is watching the students as she teaches. She can recognize puzzled or glazed expressions on the students’ faces, and knows that she needs to slow down or try another explanation. Humans can recognize this in milliseconds and make effective course corrections. Computers, well we are not there yet.

If an individual learns from a computer, there will be no obligation upon him or her to understand the subject matter seriously. That person will leave the learning for the future and that future will never arrive. We are all well aware of the fact that until and unless we are given a deadline to complete a task we seldom try to complete it. Not everyone is bright and witty, and there are always some students who need special care and attention. Teachers can help students become relational beings who live in community.  Computers can’t help with that kind of feedback or encouragement. A computer can’t help a student develop character or problem-solving skills in the same way a teacher can. You can’t replace emotions, inspiration and motivation by machines.

A classroom also provides a social environment in which the students collaborate, learn to respect diverse opinions and compete with one another. It’s a microcosm of the outside world. A teacher, as the most experienced human in that setting and as someone who understands child psychology, can coach the students to grow into good adult citizens.

Computers are essential for 21st-century skills, and they should play a role in your life, as a trusted tool or resource. Technology is constantly changing our world; it opens doors to a global society, and provides various learning tools to those who need it. However, technology should be an addition, not a replacement for teachers. How can a computer replace such amazing relationships that grow and affect lives during the most formative years?

The point is … they simply cannot.

I Know Who You Are

This is the book written by my twin aunts; ‘I Know Who You Are.’ Click here to see this book in Goodreads.

‘I Know Who You Are’ presents the concept that every person has a Character Skin which guides their behaviour and inspires their conversations. If you know a person’s Character Skin, you can understand, respond and deal with them effectively.

As Sultan prepares to move with his family into their new house, he finds a mystical leather diary which brings him into contact with his grandfather, who had unexpectedly left the family five years ago. Grandfather teachers Sultan a novel way of looking at life. He unveils the secret of understanding people by introducing him yo five Character Skins; Flipside, Sticklip, Headspin, Hammerhead and Scuff, which are unique in appearance, attitude and school of thought. 

Sultan gets passionate about his interactions with Grandfather and keeps them a secret from his family. He enjoys identifying  people’s Character Skins and predicting their behaviour. What he loves most is the fact that he can say ‘I Know Who You Are!’ to anyone he meets, at very first sight. 



How To Learn The Basics Of Sewing

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10 Second Summary

1. Thread the needle and tie both ends of the thread into a knot.
2. Push the needle up through the back of the fabric.
3. Move it forward a little, then push it back down through the fabric.
4. Continue until you stitched the fabric or have run out of thread.
5. Knot the thread on the back of the fabric and snip off the excess.


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How To Make a Volcano

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Here are the six steps you need to succeed:


1. Use clay to build a volcano around a can or bottle.



2. Mix some red food coloring and white vinegar.



3. Pour the vinegar into the volcano.



4. Roll some baking soda in a paper towel.



5. Drop the baking soda roll in the vinegar.


6. Step away and watch the explosion.



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